Welcome to the 2024 Kitikmeot Trade Show:
Inspiring Opportunities

With immense excitement, this year’s Kitikmeot Trade Show unveils the theme “Inspiring Opportunity,” a reflection of growth within the Kitikmeot Region. Flourishing with businesses, education initiatives, cutting-edge research, robust resource management, and job opportunities—our region is poised for unprecedented growth. This theme serves as a beacon guiding presentations, discussions, and speakers, shedding a spotlight on inspiring opportunities for all, across the region. Join us for a celebration of the Kitikmeot’s evolution, where innovation and collaboration pave the way for a future filled with success!

Join us for the 23rd annual Kitikmeot Trade Show, February 7th – 9th, 2024 in Cambridge Bay, Nunavut. This highly anticipated event brings together businesses, government departments, regulatory agencies and Inuit organizations from the Kitikmeot region and other communities across Canada. We also welcome the participation of our transportation corridor neighbors. The Kitikmeot Trade Show provides a forum for networking and business development that benefits all of our participants.

The focus of the trade show is the exchange of information between professionals from business, industry and government sectors, as well as regulatory agencies and Inuit organizations. The event is highlighted by presentations, trade show exhibits and social gatherings designed to create and support networking, and to provide opportunities to expand inter-region trade and economic activity.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Jim MacEachern

2024 Kitikmeot Trade Show
Municipality of Cambridge Bay
Phone: (867) 983-4650


Talia Maksagak

2024 Kitikmeot Trade Show
Kitikmeot Chamber of Commerce
Phone: (867) 983-6670